Here at Legacy Ford, in La Grande, OR, we want to help our customers find their perfect Ford vehicle, and it’s why we allow custom orders. By custom ordering a Ford, Baker City customers can choose the color right down to the amenities added. We aim to provide the best customer service we can, so if you want to learn how to customize a new Ford and the benefits of doing so, keep reading to find out.

How to Custom Order

To custom order a new Ford, Enterprise residents can do so either online or at our dealership. The process is relatively fast and looks something like this:

  • Select a make and trim
  • Select a color
  • Select an interior color
  • Select an amenities package
  • Get a Price

Once you’ve chosen what your vehicle looks like and what amenities it has, we’ll place your order. It should only be a few weeks before your vehicle is ready, but we’ll keep you updated on its progress and when it’s due to arrive.

Why You Should Custom Order

By custom ordering a Ford, Pendleton drivers can avoid long wait times to get a new ride. Instead of waiting for our dealership to get the model they want with the right color and features, they can jump the line and order it from the manufacturer instead. Plus, when you custom order, there are no added fees, so you only pay for the vehicle and added features.

Reserve Your Next Ford

At our dealership, we want our customers to get precisely what they want. It’s why we provide the ability for those in the Union area to customize a Ford to their exact specifications. We make the process of custom ordering as straightforward as possible, so if you want to get the Ford of your dreams, shop at Legacy Ford today.

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